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Cylinder PHR-2260


EVA, TRP, rubber soles, sandles, rubber rollers, tires, sponges, inner tubes, rubber rings, rubber tubes, rubber belts, wheels, erasers, packings, oil seals, fitness equipment, balls, bottle plugs, shock absorbing rubber, steam hoses, soft PVC flooring, adhesive tapes, rubber magnets, pigments, inks, corks, electrical parts, and various kinds of rubber products for automobiles and motorcycles


SIZE OF ROLLS 16"ØX48"L 22"ØX60"L 24"ØX72"L" 26"ØX84"L" 28"ØX90"L
HORSE POWER 75HP 150HP 250HP 300HP 350HP
CAPACITY(kg) 20~40kg 50~90kg 60~120kg 70~150kg 90~200kg

Tel: (11) 4746 2435

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