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injection PVC/TPR - TK-980

  • Computerization in analysis and design, the machine is well in stability.
  • Conformed to human engineering in design, it features operational compatibility.
  • The well-interconnected oil circuit by electric control can reduce waiting time, quicken production rate, and promote productivity.
  • The reversible turntable in case of emergency will eliminate abnormality and upkeep safety operations.
  • Number of various stations may be optionally chosen for small quantity but greater in variety, or mass production.
  • The devised C-shaped structure that strengthens cooling system suits particularly the need for reinforced cooling effect (TK-980Cseries)
  • It could be equipped with air blowing system and can produce light weight, particularly the need for reinforced cooling effect. (TK-980C series)

Prodcts: Specialized in producing one & two color outsoles, slippers, sandals and boots. It is particularly effective to the making of all-plastic sport shoe, and leisure shoes etc.

Material: suitable for all kinds of thermoplastic raw materials, foaming or non-foaming, such as PVC and TPR.


Number of work (Station) 18 20 20 16 12
Max. injection volume (cm³) 905 905 905 905 905
Mold clamping force (ton) 70 70 70 70 70
Mold space (mm) 420*390*240 840*250*230 840*250*230 840*250*230 740*250*240
Machine dimension (m) 5.5*3.2*2.5 5.8*3.2*2.5 5.8*3.2*2.5 5.6*2.7*2.5 5.5*2.2*2.5
Weight (ton) 9 8.7 7.5 6.5 5

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